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First the Wisconsin's teachers union went on strike, now the National Football League's players are  striking.  Unable to find a fair way to split 9 BILLION dollars in annual revenue, the football players and the NFL's League owners stopped negotiating entirely today.  When the strike will end is anyone's guess.

But don't worry my pigskin obsessed readers.  The NFL can hire replacements to play that will be just as entertaining and awe-inspiring as the players on your favorite team.

Phew Breeze-  Great Defensive End.  

Rhett Tard-  He will expose his vulnerable side when threatened.

Micheal Ticks-  This guy's known for his football skills. Off the field he is also known for his love for animals. They do not share that feeling, however.

Tom Brandy-  Wide Receiver.  He's found the perfect balance between his career and the nightlife. 

Ben Hamburglar-  AKA "The Quarter-Pounder".  He's a spokesman and best customer for a major fast food franchise.

Yummmm. . . .

9 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a crock of sh@@

  2. Elm says:

    Fuzzys Dad- Well, that's my point. What fun is it to be serious all the time? These football players make millions and still are demanding more. I have a hard time feeling pity for them. But this blog is for pure fun. Not real news reporting. You wouldn't read Mad Magazine and expect serious reporting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree these over paid cry babies are demand more money.
    While thousands of their fellow Americans are out of work.
    I am a big football fan.But if they strike it is over for me.
    I gave up on baseball because of the steroid stuff.
    I ask your forgiveness for my crude reaction and words.

  4. Elm says:

    Fuzzys Dad- No need to apologize. I had a similar reaction when I read the AP story.

  5. Elm, those are some hilarious images. I was lucky in a way: I wasn't eating when I first viewed the plumber-turned-defensive-end. Actually, I thought his end was more than a little offensive.

    Thanks for the laughs. I needed that!

  6. Great post. The insanity that is the NFL.

  7. Elm says:

    We need laughs more than ever now. The Japanese disaster just keeps getting worse. Then we have the NFL pouting for more money. My husband said he'd play football for free and here they are making millions per season. So I'm going all over the place searching for entertainment. I spent Saturday night watching a Weird Al Yankovic music video marathon with my kids and we were able to forget the problems of the world for a little while.

  8. Michael says:

    Please bring on the replacements. Screw the union and their ridiculous demands. I'd watch some replacements get some tv time.

  9. Elm says:

    Thanks for stopping by Michael. These replacement players would certainly bring a new level to football entertainment. But, I'm surprised no one has mentioned the flashing old geezer! It's obviously really Mr. Farve before his morning coffee and shave.

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