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Obama's Job Creation Legacy

Obama's Job Creation Legacy
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Elm's Cloning Program

Elm's Cloning Program
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What If Al Gore Had Lived In Ancient Greece?

Long, long ago in a Grecian city far, far away there lived a man named Albertus Goreus. While most of his class of citizens were content with their lives, Albertus felt unloved. And, so, one summer's day as he sat upon the steps of the temple of Zeus, he noticed how warm the air was. Albertus stared at the sun. How bright it shone! He could feel the heat pouring from the giant, golden orb of Apollo. Ten minutes later, as he was being carried away from the temple because he had stared at the sun to long, he thought, "Oh, my! The world will be burnt to a crisp if I don't do something about it!"... READ MORE

Jimmy Carter Has A New Mission In Life...

But you know how Jimmy is, always wanting to prove that he's right and that he wasn't the absolute worst president in history. That's right. The founder of Habitat For Humanity has a new organization that he will unveil soon. An organization which will help battle the effects of Global Warming AND the carelessness of humans. I think Jimmy should explain, so here's former President Jimmy Carter... READ MORE

The White House Dog Pageant

The First Family should be getting a new puppy sometime soon and the media seems to be going gaga over this tidbit of news. So, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon. Through a White House contact I have been directed to pictures of the puppy nominees. Here are their respective pictures with a brief description of their traits and qualities... READ MORE

Al Gore's Handy "How To Save The Planet Studyguide"

Hello, you all know me, I'm Al Gore the friendly CEO of the Eco-Movement! Like the biotch, I mean, Secretary of State, said, we need to correct our past mistakes and save our Earth from the dreadful possibility of more Spring-like days... READ MORE

GM's New Line Of Cars Are A Little Strange...

With the recent General Motor's stock grab by the United States government and the United Auto Worker's Union, there will be a few minor changes to the company... The production of gasoline powered automobiles will cease, as of now. New, cleaner cars have been produced, and you will see them very soon at your local car dealership. Here are a few... READ MORE

Are you afraid to venture outside? Are the Liberal politicians who are trying to win your vote and drain your brain forcing you to lock yourself inside your home? Then you need the Go Away Liberal Repellent.

The Go Away Liberal Repellent emits a sound that most Liberals hate-The National Anthem. After hearing just the first stanza the average Lib will be forced to flee back to their headquarters.

To add to the effectiveness, the Go Away Repeller runs off of gasoline- their arch nemesis.

Go Away Repeller works on socialists, communists, Green Energy nuts, and MoveOn.org wingbats.

If you buy within the next 15 minutes we'll give you the bonus WWGWD (What Would George Washington Do?) bracelet. A $20 value!

This stylish bracelet will repel Libs anywhere you go. Wear it as you eat your dinner at that restaurant that was taken over by the Liberal elite! Order that delicious veal cutlet without being bothered by an animal-rights activist. And the WWGWD bracelet is a must for any tea party event. Order yours today!

8 Responses so far.

  1. Grandma J says:

    So nice to see you back!!! Congratulations on your new addition. Having a baby is definitely a legit reason to step away from blogging for a while. I don't know why I did! If that's a pic of your family on the right, I have to say, wow! Great looking bunch!!1

  2. Anonymous says:

    I will take one

  3. The national anthem, performed seriously and well, is the best liberal repellent you could find. But the Roseanne Barr crotch-grabbing version would probably appeal to the cheesy bastards, since it shows total disrespect for our wonderful country. Yeah, the proggies / lib-tards certainly do love a bit of America-hating.

    I'll buy the bracelet, but if a hippie asks me who is GW, I might lie occasionally, and claim it's G.W. Bush. Then I could keep track to see which name has the most drastic effect.

    More'n likely, "GW" would be like garlic to a vampire. Hey, there's a metaphor that works: Liberals as vampires. They surely do have the mass murder (anti-human) and bloodsucking (redistribution of wealth) down pat. Thanks for the great write-up. I do very much enjoy your posts.

  4. Old NFO says:

    LOL- Love em both!!! :-)

  5. Elm says:

    Grandma J- Yeah, that's us alright. Don't be fooled by the cuteness of the kids. They are a handful!

    Fuzzys Dad- Great! This thing is gonna make me a fortune.

    HPJ- Funny that you say GW. I briefly considered saying what would George W. do. But I changed my mind. And thank you for reading my posts. I'm glad someone enjoys them besides myself!

    Old NFO- I'll send you one for free since you served.

    Ha! I just noticed that my ads on my page are all bug and pest related! That's too funny!

  6. I am happy to say I don't have many lib problems. I am such a disagreeable sort I guess.

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  8. Blogger says:

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