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Obama's Job Creation Legacy
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Elm's Cloning Program
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I still have wonderful memories of my life back on the Commune. Singing "White Rabbit" around the fire, burning my bra during weekend protest events, planting hemp seedlings from dusk till dawn. What a life I led!

But later in life gardening was impossible for me. The pain was just too much to bear. And then my doctor said that I had Piriformis Syndrome and that there was hope for me. He recommended Conservator.

Conservator is a non-prescribed drug that goes directly into your brain- where the problem originates. All of your urges to watch MSNBC, protesting for GreenPeace, and defending Barack Obama's policies will disappear. And, as your backbone develops, you will experience an increase in such qualities as: thought, rationalization skills, and independence.

That's what happened to me. My life is finally where it should be. Don't wait another second to see if Conservator is right for you.

So what the hell caused me to have that pain in the first place?

When you've finally had enough of the pain in your ass, become a Conservative fast.

8 Responses so far.

  1. Old NFO says:

    Good one, and yeah, backbone helps!!! :-)

  2. I hope they'll be careful during the first few days on Conservator, since unaccustomed activities (like thinking) can cause strain.

    Despair not, ye mindless myrmidons of political poopy-headedness! There is hope! When my doctor recommended Conservator, he tossed a life jacket to a drowning man.

    He was, in fact, an ass doctor extraordinaire, that prominent practitioner of practically painless proctology, Dr. Heinrich W. (don't call him Heinie) Bunz.

  3. Seriously, that sounds like some excellent medicine. I might be willing to finance some of those pills for a few of my less fortunate fellow citizens. Thanks for the laughs!

  4. You need the spine and a working brain or you will end up like teacher union drones in Wisconsin. All the Conservator in the world will not help them.

    Your cloning program on the side bar is hilarious!

  5. Elm says:

    Old NFO- Thanks :-)

    Human Person Junior- I like the name of your Doctor.

    USA Admiral- That's why Conservator also comes in tranquilizer form.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the laugh

  7. Elm: At first I thought you REALLY had a back disorder! (I'm so blonde!) LOL.

  8. Pelosi can kiss my right cheek until I'm satisfied. I'll be eating loaded nachos while she does it.

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