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Obama's Job Creation Legacy

Obama's Job Creation Legacy
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Elm's Cloning Program
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Sigh... Read this AP news article. When Barack-li isn't terrorizing New Yorkers, hugging dictators, and negotiating with pirates, he's busy showing us that his economic policies aren't worth the paper they were written upon.

WASHINGTON (AP) - A top Obama adviser is predicting another economic contraction in the second quarter of the year and continued increases in unemployment for the next several months.

The downbeat assessment from Christina Romer, the chairwoman of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, comes in the wake of Wednesday's report that the overall economic output in the United States declined rapidly in the first three months of this year.

Hmmm... Now what happened in the first month of this year? You got it! Barack-li was crowned! I mean inaugurated. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I realized that his baby, the American Recovery Act, hasn't heaped wealth and glory upon us all.

In this post I am giving you the tour of my town so you may see the "Economic Recovery". That's right, you will enter into the world of Elm... And you'll understand why I try so hard at mocking idiots in office.

This is a sign that you see right when you enter into town. "Putting America To Work". Yeah! Sounds so patriotic. But, they've been repaving and fixing this road for at least a year prior to the Act. But I'll give 'em the benefit of doubt and say that the money was needed for the continuation of the road work.

This building being constructed is approximately 3 or 4 minutes away from the above sign. Notice that there are only two workers present, and it was only 10:30 AM. Looks like this construction company needs to hire more workers, doesn't it?

Oh, I guess not.

This is an artist's rendering of what a new grocery store would look like once it was opened this month (April 2009). And, yes, it does look like that now, except the name of the store is not up yet and there is absolutely nothing in the store. Actually, I noticed that construction there stopped 6 months back. Why? Because the business decided to wait until the economy looks healthier. So when are they opening? At least another year. Sigh... I was looking forward to having a grocery store closer to where I live. I can easily name 10 businesses that have either closed or decided not open up here in just the past year.

And this factory, ladies and gentlemen, is the largest manufacturer of transformers in the world (no not the robots, the things on top of electric poles). Employing a workforce of thousands, Howard Industries is the largest employer in the whole town. Sounds like a nice place to work, right?

In August 2008, ICE raided the factory because it was a suspected employer of illegal aliens. You want to know how many illegals were found at work that day? 600. That is no typo. The raid wound up being the largest illegal round up in the history of ICE. Now, I'm not against my town being in National news, but this is ridiculous.

Before I go on I think I need to clarify a little bit. H.I. has three shifts, so it is up and running all day and night. The raid was conducted during the first shift. Word of the raid leaked out, and therefore the illegals working the second and third shifts were no-shows that day. The exact number of illegals working at that time at this one business is unknown, but I venture to guess that it was at least 1000, but it's probably more like 1700.

People (insert pro-immigration people) said that these men and women were filling jobs that the average American do not want. And here is where I smile, because when H.I. was allowed to reopen, a crowd of hundreds of LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS were waiting to apply.

Two other large businesses in town are chicken processing plants, and can you guess who they hire? I have heard tales of people (Legal citizens) who try to apply for jobs at these companies and are never accepted- and it's not for their lack of skills. Now, someone out there will say that I'm being paranoid or racist, but explain this to me. If these companies were not biased against Legal American citizens and did not want to hire illegals, then why do they house the illegal aliens? Yes! I'm not joking. One of the companies has at least two very large plots of land that are for housing their workers. Upon the land are mobile homes for them to live.

No one that I know has an employer who houses them. So, explain that to me please.

My point of this post is that America has jobs that are being filled by people that are here illegally. If these positions were opened up the unemployment numbers could disappear.

I'm not against Hispanics, or Mexicans, or Asians, or anyone personally. But, if you're here working without a green card, you need to step back and find a job back home. And I don't care if you are from Mexico, Cuba, or Ireland. Skin color and language make no difference to me.

There's my economic recovery package. Give Americans jobs.

And, even though this was my town, this is probably what your town is starting to look like. Welcome to Anywhere USA. A land teaming with the unemployed.

I'll mock someone in a day or two in retaliation.

15 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with what you are saying. The recovery act is a bad act. And there will be no recovery.

  2. Hammer says:

    600..that is obscene.

    I'm surprised napolitano hasn't disbanded ice due to her claim that illegal immigration isn't against the law.

  3. Elm, I don't think you need to preface anything by saying that you aren't racist.

    Illegal immigration is just what it says; illegal.

    The only reason that these companies buy into the rhetoric of 'work that Americans won't do' is that they don't pay these people anything.

    This is an example of big government, even under GWB, that doesn't listen to the people. If you could get the entire U.S. into one big room at the same time, I venture to say, most would be unhappy with illegal immigration if put to a vote.

    Wanna talk about a pandemic, that's it right there. Here in San Antonio, there is sooo much unskilled labor (wink, wink, who or what could I be talking about) that they have to write the not looking for workers in Spanish.

    Great post as usual.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No you got it right the first time,he and his followers believe he was crowned. For it would take the arrogance of a king to waste the peoples money in this manner.

  5. Deadman says:


    This post is solid gold...

  6. Elm says:

    Deadman- It shocked the crap out of me when I saw it. Just had to get a picture of it to document the Obamaonater's success. Sigh.

  7. cbullitt says:

    These people have no clue that half of what they do is in direct opposition to the other half of their agenda--the whole of which is entirely antithetical to America. They are vermin.

  8. Old NFO says:

    I'm not surprised but I do feel for those who can't get a job because they won't work for sub-standard wages like the illegals...

    Re the "coronation" I did hear one announcer say it was the "start of the Obama REIGN"


  9. Diller says:

    We will never see recovery as long as companies farm out the type of jobs that skilled American labor did so well for so long.It is all about money(greed). When every textile,steel mill,etc.,closed and relocated to Mexico and Asian locations,under the pretext that they could offer the same goods to the American consumer,at a huge savings,they drove the final nail in the coffin. Now what jobs are available in this country are given to unskilled(illegals)because they work cheap. Plus most of that money is sent back to their families,outside the USA. The idea that illegals,are only picking crops,cleaning hotels and mowing yards,is Bullshit,they're in Fab shops,mills,slaughter houses,hospitals and government jobs,and buying their groceries with WIC checks.Sorry for the rant,but nothing will "Change",till this problems addressed.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You wait- the next round of signs will have the Obamessiah's smiling picture on them. Then this place will REALLY start to look like the old USSR.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why is it then that the average Democrat is too stupid to understand the or have enough sense to know the difference between right and wrong anymore?

  12. Deadman says:

    Diller's got it pegged...

  13. JihadGene says:

    I think the new-and-improved... as seen on TV...Obama administration, spent all their American Recovery and Reinvestment Act money on signs.

  14. Deadman says:

    Shit. I should go into sign making...

  15. Next stop, Hell in a handbasket.

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