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Did you ever fear that the articles you are posting on your blog could get you into trouble? A man in South Korea is facing this predicament. Here is the full story.

Basically this man, with the pen name Minerva, became semi-famous for his financial predictions. Prosecutors are claiming that one such prediction "affected the foreign exchange market and undermined the nation's credibility". Yeah, blame the little guy for the GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS.

Minerva did say on his blog that "the government had banned major financial institutions and trade businesses from buying U.S. dollars", which is false. However, this is a blog we are talking about- not a newspaper or AP story. To arrest a person for false information on their blog is a scary thought. Does this mean that one day all bloggers in the U.S. will need to triple check all information before we post? Will our opinions be subject to arrest? OK, so this incident happened in South Korea, but we must consider that it COULD happen in the United States.

Oh, and the interesting part about this story is that many critics are claiming that Minerva was arrested not for false information, but for his criticism of the government. Hmmm, uhhh... If you are reading this Mr. President, please don't scroll down this page, or click any link, or read any of my comments. (Insert uncomfortable laughter)

Now, according to the new blogger law, I'm required to say or find something amusing. Also, it must be true, accurate, and not opinionated. So, here ya' go.

Henceforth you can find me at the Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary cell #768.

11 Responses so far.

  1. Now the The Great Orator has been elected I think much more about it.

    They go after me then they should after all things said and written about President Bush by the leftists.

  2. Grandma J says:

    Funny but scarey! Of course to keep you out of Leavenworth it has to be funny, right?

    I did a post eons ago about my grandfather deserting from the Army in 1911 (I think). I even had his wanted poster! He served a year at Leavenworth "breaking rocks in the hot sun". At least that's what I imagine he was doing.

    You find the most surprising things when you dig into your family tree.

  3. Elm, I did three separate one-year tours in Korea, the last one being 2000-2001.

    I am concerned that the South Korean government is taking such a hard line with their dissenters. Criticism of the government is one freedom that has pretty much been a constant in the ROK. I know this because they let their lefty college students protest and riot all the time against their North Korea stance.

    Good Post.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I will be in the cell acros the hall.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Me,I am just too damn dangerous and will be in solitary confinment.

    It is scary though how those who once braced freedom are now turning their backs on it. England,Denmark,and now South Korea all silencing freedom of speech.

  6. Elm says:

    USA Admiral- I guess it was okay for them to attack Bush and us.

    Grandma J- You really can find interesting things digging into the past.

    Bluepitbull- I don't like the way its looking there. I hope it is not an indicator of our future here.

    Fuzzys dad- At least I'll know someone there!

    Conservative Scalawag- Try for good behavior and maybe you'll be out by 2030. ;-)

  7. Hammer says:

    I agree with Admiral..the genie is out of the bottle with all the "Chimpy McHitler Bush" cartoons, it will be really hard to go after everyone who compares Obama to a monkey.

    Like I read recently.."I will show your president the same respect you have shown mine"

  8. Diller says:

    Hate to think that expressing yourself,using satire,humor and good ol logic and common sense,would bring the storm troopers to your door.But over the years,I've come to realize.most government types,and liberal zealots don't react well to criticism,something to do with their pompous ass egos.

  9. cbullitt says:

    Fuck the nanny state. We ain't dead yet: C-SPAN Punked Obama today, cut away from his drivel to show Steve Milloy at the Heritage Foundation. I have the link posted. Bwuhahahaha.

  10. Old NFO says:

    I would not be surprised to see it here- Especially with the LWLs trying to shut down conservative media in ANY form, including bloggers... sigh...

  11. JihadGene says:

    South Koreans can be real fanatics...believe me, I know.

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