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You know, I just love the AP news group. I am impressed how they can sneak weak-minded, liberal concepts into a supposedly unbiased story. And they do it so well!

AP NEWS- The U.S. and Iran broke off diplomatic ties after the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran by hard-line students. Relations became rockier under the Bush administration, which branded Iran part of an "Axis of Evil" along with Saddam Hussein's Iraq and North Korea.

Did you get that? Relations with the nation of Iran weren't to bad during Bill Clinton's term. It wasn't until that cowboy Bush entered office that we started having this trouble out of them. (Note my flaming sarcasm.)

And Bush "branded" Iran an Axis of Evil because they have been, well, an Axis of Evil. I don't think a better explanation is necessary.

AP NEWS- But Wednesday, Ahmadinejad said, "circumstances have changed" - an apparent reference to Obama's election and Iran's own progress in its nuclear program since talks with world powers last year.

Did the reporter who wrote this story conveniently forget to mention that during Barack's first few days in office our President gave a lovey-dovey speech that "Promised a new beginning"? And what did our Iranian friend do? He practically told Barack to kiss his Arab ass.

And what exactly are these circumstances that Ahmadinejad spoke of?

"Today we are preparing a new package. Once it becomes ready, we will present that package (to you)," said Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

A package from Iran for the U.S.? I imagine "this package" must look something like this...

I hope the package is sent via Fed-Ex. If they lost that package I wouldn't mind at all.

14 Responses so far.

  1. Almost effortlessly.

    Flaming sarcasm is a good thing sometimes.

    That is some package.

    Take a look at this link and have some fun with it. Not really, it is very scary now that Iran has nukes.

    Nuke it

  2. Elm says:

    That link is incredible. I took places I have lived and saw the power of a nuke. Terrible.

  3. Grandma J says:

    The AP is a joke. They put such a positive spin on BO's peace offerings....like opening up travel to Cuba. You don't hear about Castro complaining that it's not enough, he wants all embargos lifted. You can't give these evil dictator's an inch...Bush knew that, Reagan knew that. BO just wants to sing kumbya and kiss and make up. They will just spit in his face, or launch a weapon of mass destruction.

    Oh, and my reference to BO is the senior BO, not the dog.

  4. Diller says:

    "Axis of Evil",very appropriate label. The only thing these countries and their leaders understand and respect is unrepentant force,no amount of detente,embargoes or UN sanctioned bullshit works.We should already be delivering a package of our own.

  5. Hammer says:

    Persians hate being called "Arab" to them it's worse than being called a Jew.

    I myself call them camel f***ers.

    I hope that package gets intercepted by Israel and their nuclear program turned to flaming wreckage.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think Ahmadinejad looks like the result of some DNA-splicing experiment involving Obama and Ringo Starr.

  7. Old NFO says:

    The AP is no longer a functional new agency- They are pandering to whom ever will fund them!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I loved it Elm...

  9. Elm says:

    Grandma J- Who names their dog after themselves?

    Diller- The term just seems to fit them, doesn't it?

    Hammer- If you're from the Middle-East, are Muslim, and want to kill me, you are an Arab. I know, I'm politically incorrect.

    Pajama Underground- He does look like Ringo! I never noticed that.

    Old NFO- I agree.

    DD2- Thanks.

  10. cbullitt says:

    You missed part of the "liberal snark." The administration "branded" them because Bush was a "cowboy" remember? totally unsophisticated in diplomacy--not like this genius, no.
    Hmmm, a collection of Walmart dvds, an iPod with his bio on it, a blowjob for the Saudis. No this guy is totally smooth.

  11. Woody says:

    Good observation Elm! You busted 'em plain as day. This is one of the fundamental problems with media bias, reporters adopting liberal positions as the baseline of truth, when in fact they are only opinions or spin. But I suppose since there was "a concensus" they consider it "settled" and if you question them you're somehow deranged, like a flat earther.

    P.S. I can't believe you are blogging about Ahmedinijad's package. Yuk.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Great post well said.

  13. As with everything else, our 'Dear Leader' will continue to kiss the butt of all third-world dictators who laugh at him publicly. He will continue to seek photo ops with each of them. Why? Because he hates us.

    Cpl. Klinger aka, Jamie Farr, aka Achmadinijhad, has made his ambitions at least semi-transparent. The only one is denying that he has nukes. He may not, but he is well on his way. The fortunate thing is that neighboring Arabs have no use for either Persians or Shia Muslims, and have no wish to see their nuclear ambitions give them a chance at dominating the crappy region.

    Give our dear leader time and he will be asking Iran for advice on press-control and internet control.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Do you how I know when the main stream media is lying,when the open their mouths or put something in print. That is how.

    This man,and his bosses are nothing more than monsters who wish to rule the world as they see fit. If that means killing every living thing to get, they are fine with that.

    We need to stop him,but I fear we have a president who would rather play pattie-cake than get tough.

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