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Obama's Job Creation Legacy

Obama's Job Creation Legacy
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Elm's Cloning Program
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What If Al Gore Had Lived In Ancient Greece?

Long, long ago in a Grecian city far, far away there lived a man named Albertus Goreus. While most of his class of citizens were content with their lives, Albertus felt unloved. And, so, one summer's day as he sat upon the steps of the temple of Zeus, he noticed how warm the air was. Albertus stared at the sun. How bright it shone! He could feel the heat pouring from the giant, golden orb of Apollo. Ten minutes later, as he was being carried away from the temple because he had stared at the sun to long, he thought, "Oh, my! The world will be burnt to a crisp if I don't do something about it!"... READ MORE

Jimmy Carter Has A New Mission In Life...

But you know how Jimmy is, always wanting to prove that he's right and that he wasn't the absolute worst president in history. That's right. The founder of Habitat For Humanity has a new organization that he will unveil soon. An organization which will help battle the effects of Global Warming AND the carelessness of humans. I think Jimmy should explain, so here's former President Jimmy Carter... READ MORE

The White House Dog Pageant

The First Family should be getting a new puppy sometime soon and the media seems to be going gaga over this tidbit of news. So, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon. Through a White House contact I have been directed to pictures of the puppy nominees. Here are their respective pictures with a brief description of their traits and qualities... READ MORE

Al Gore's Handy "How To Save The Planet Studyguide"

Hello, you all know me, I'm Al Gore the friendly CEO of the Eco-Movement! Like the biotch, I mean, Secretary of State, said, we need to correct our past mistakes and save our Earth from the dreadful possibility of more Spring-like days... READ MORE

GM's New Line Of Cars Are A Little Strange...

With the recent General Motor's stock grab by the United States government and the United Auto Worker's Union, there will be a few minor changes to the company... The production of gasoline powered automobiles will cease, as of now. New, cleaner cars have been produced, and you will see them very soon at your local car dealership. Here are a few... READ MORE

The Dow Jones has fallen below 7000. It has not been at that level since 1997!

We now have a Democrat in office and the supposed "Good Times Are Here Again" propaganda has not materialized. In fact, it is strangely prophetic that the Dow Jones is at the same level as it was during Bill Clinton's term as president.

The nation's financial system is in shatters. Will your money be safe in a bank? Here is my suggestion for all of you.

Your money will be a lot safer in there.

8 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    How low will the market go?

  2. Son3 says:

    Bury the green paper?

    How 'bout trade the green paper for lead?

    The centuries of labor on the part of alchemists was in vain; their goal would have been reached, they needed only to elect a man who would take their guns and ammo.

    Lead is the new gold.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Once was old is new again. Sometimes it isn't a good thing,like Eighties music,Seventies cloths,and Thirties economic philosophy -- i.e The New Deal.

  4. Elm says:

    Fuzzys Dad- How low? As low as Obama's approval rating is becoming. (Drum roll please)

    Son3- You've got a point. Paper may not be worth very much one of these days. Maybe I should convert all my assets to gold, food, and Obama coins. (Ha, ha! Obama coins! Who thought of that?)

    Conservative Scalawag- I agree with you on 70s clothes and 30s economics, but don't put 80s music in there!

  5. I consider this some sane and sage advice. It is hard to dig a whole in the swamp known as Florida.

    BTW, I love the blog design Queen E.

  6. Elm says:

    You could hide it under your bed. ;-)

    Thank you for the compliment.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sorry if I offended but,I like old country music,60-70s classic rock, and hillbilly rock.

  8. Elm says:

    Conservative Scalawag- I was just kidding with ya. No offense was taken. I like classic rock too. I am living in the home state of the King of Rock n Roll. ;-)

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