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I know that the above title will cause some of you to snicker, but it is true nonetheless. History has much more to offer than most people realize.

For instance, let's say you saw a strange dog unknown to you and you decide to give it a pat on the head. And, to your surprise, the mongrel gives you a nasty bite. Now, let's say a few months have passed and you happen to see the same dog again. Would you try to pet it again? Probably not because you learned from your past mistake that this dog will likely bite you. It is your recollection of your own history that saved you.

Well, the history that you find in books does the same thing. Maybe I should say instead that history has the potential to save you and your respective government- if it is used wisely.

I think the best example of what I am speaking of involves two men- a repulsive figure of history and a egotistical emperor.

We must begin in early 19th century France where a former French Revolutionist became Emperor of the French Empire. His name was Napoleon Bonaparte. Systematically he had captured many parts of European countries including Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark. Other places became mere puppets of his regime. At first he claimed a surprising number of allies- Russia being among them. However, after several years of cooperation, the alliance broke. In the summer 1812 Napoleon's vast military attacked Russia. Napoleon's advisers had spoken to the Emperor previously, saying that an attack would be disastrous.

But Napoleon did what many high ranking officials do when his advisers use caution. He ignored them.

The French military forces soon found Russia to be more than they could handle. Russian forces avoided armed conflict with the French as much as possible. Also, they destroyed all food and supplies they could so the French army could not benefit. This alone soon caused the French great misery when winter hit. French rations became meager; starvation became prevalent. Disease and death soon followed.

Eventually, the French won the battle for the city of Moscow- for a price. Casualties on both sides were astounding, numbering into the many thousands. Head Russian officials secretly ordered the city burned. Napoleon's army gave up its quest for conquest and returned home to face other conflicts.

Now, let's go forward in time to the year 1941 when Adolf Hitler attacked the Soviet Union (Russia). Before this attack Hitler's major supporter was Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union. Hitler's advisers warned Hitler that attacking the Soviet's, especially when the German army was already spread across Europe, would not be a good idea. But Hitler's desire for domination blinded him of all dangers and he proceeded with the attack.

The winters of the Soviet Union were very harsh on the German Army. Death stalked them in the forms of disease, starvation, and the Soviet Army. The Germans never quite made it to Moscow like Napoleon did, but they did hold out much longer- from 1941 to 1944. That's when they were finally pushed out. Hitler's other armed conflicts were not going very well either.

Do you see the similarity? Napoleon and Hitler both believed that they could conquer any country they desired, yet Russia proved to be harder than they thought. These two men both ignored their trusted advisers pleas for not attacking Russia. In the name of greatness for their respective country they declared war against Russia, which was a lie in both cases. They both had at one time been FRIENDS with the leaders of Russia/Soviet Union. They both broke their alliances,too. The Russian winters crippled both of their mighty armies. Both of them had conquered major sections of Europe and had placed puppet regimes in nearby countries. And, they both tried to conquer Russia as their armies were fighting other countries.

Don't you think Hitler could have used a good history lesson?

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    So true.

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